Medical Should I give up on Ortho?

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Oct 14, 2011
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This is something that's causing my a lot of anxiety. I have a 249 Step 1, and have H half and HP half of my clinical rotations so far (so probably not getting AOA). I did a summer research program that my school has, but didn't get anything published as the lab was shut down shortly after.

I've heard a lot of horror stories from residents who did not get it, and I see students taking off a whole year just to do research. I heard you need a 250+ and a ton of research to even consider this, so I just wish someone could tell me whether I should continue pursuing this or go for something somewhat less competitive like Ophthalmology or Gen surg as I'll need to start making efforts to get research/show interest there.

If I am competative now, what can I do to make my app stronger? More research?

Your student affairs dean should be your first point of contact in addressing your questions, especially if he/she is responsible for your Dean's Evaluation for residencies. I don't think the lack of a publication is necessarily going to hurt you, but you need to at least have a positive recommendation from the clerkship related to your choice of specialty. It is in the interest of your school to be sure you are well-matched to one of your top choices as mismatches, and scrambles do reflect poorly on the school.
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