Should I go to Temple for Ex. Sci? Or hold out in hopes of something better?

Nov 8, 2010
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I'm interested in double-majoring in exercise science/kinesiology/etc and biochem and eventually entering an excellent grad program in the exercise science area. I've been accepted into Temple, and I'm unfamiliar with the quality of its program or how its perceived and wondering whether I should hold out for a better school.

My background is kind of a mess. I attended Johns Hopkins for a while and created a real mess of a transcript there (>50 credits, <2.0 GPA) due to not being interested in attending school and various other dumb behaviors on my part.

After a break and growth and whatnot I'm switching tracks and would like to study kinesiology or exercise science in the mid-Atlantic area, currently taking a bunch of community college classes to prove my ability to work, and I applied and was accepted to Temple. Now I'm having second thoughts and am wondering if I should apply to any other schools or go somewhere else.

I don't know the quality of Temple's exercise science program, whether it's perceived as "good", and f I did really, really well finishing up my B.S. in TU with the biochem/ExSc whether I'd be able to get into a good grad program. I'm wondering if there are any other programs in the area that would be better (West Chester University?) or if I should take more community college classes in hopes of transferring to a better program (University of Delaware, Drexel?) that I wouldn't currently be able to get into after only a summer and a semester of good grades. I know that the top places like Penn State, are beyond reach as Penn State has already told me as much.

Is Temple good enough? Can I get into a good grad program if I go? Is there some kind of master list rating ExSci/Kines programs? I'd like as rigorous a treatment as the subject as is possible with the college options available to me.


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Dec 19, 2008
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Is Temple good enough?
Um....Sure. Is boondock community college good enough yeah. I dont even know what you're asking. Do grad programs look at your undergrad programs? IMO, I dont think they do, just as long as they are accredited. But thats just me, others may see it the other way.