Medical Should I include Fulbright Scholarship in primary app if it might not happen with COVID?

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Sep 28, 2009
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I ask this question because I am stuck between adding an additional hobby section on my app, or talking about a Fulbright experience that I am unsure will happen or not. I am worried that if I use the space for a Fulbright, and it does not happen, then I wasted a space where I could elaborate on more of my hobbies. But if I can just talk about my hopeful Fulbright within my secondary, I can do both. Would add the Fulbright in the primary app garner more attention than a secondary? Thanks for your help and I hope I wasn't too confusing haha.

im confused. Have you received a Fulbright or not? If you have, use the space for that. If you haven’t, then it’s a non issue.

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I have received the Fulbright for this year, but with everything going on, I am not sure if it is happening or not and would be worried about using a space. It sounds like you think I should put it on my primary app regardless. Sorry for the confusing post haha

If you received the fulbright, I would put it in your application. If it doesn't happen because of covid, everyone will understand, and then you'll have a great topic for how you adapted in the ubiquitous covid essay.
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