Should I keep my hopes up???

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by Comet208, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. Comet208

    Nov 6, 2002
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    Hi all preDental people,

    i am just a little bit stressed and wanted to see with what i have right now, if i should keep my hopes up or start thinking about re-applying...
    i got a 18 on PAT, 15 Academic average, 16 science. my GPA is 3.24 and i am doing 2 researches right now... (one is actually on teeth) and have 2 publications in preparation...
    and i sent my AADSAS application in 2 weeks ago...

    so do you people think that there is hope for me????
    please let me know what you think...

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  3. Beagle

    Beagle Meet BEAGLE

    Jul 16, 2001
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    Keep your hopes up!
    My stats were not pretty and I still need to retake my DATS but I have recieved some interviews thus far..It'll come in the mail for you soon..
  4. FutureNSXDent

    FutureNSXDent Senior Member

    Aug 31, 2002
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    Heres my honest opinion.

    You applied a bit late, given that you just finished your application two weeks ago, you'll have to wait till next year to get your confimation copy back from AADSAS, due to thanksgiving break and Christmas break. By the time you actually get an interviews, it'll be next year already, and you'll be competing with more people for the relatively fewer spots left. This may put you at a disadvantage because for one, you scored below average on academic and science, and a lot of schools base heavily on em' as a deciding factor. For two, your GPA is so-so and it will not give you an edge. Though your publications may help, but don't count on it.

    If I were you, I have two choices I can choose from:
    1) Study your a$$ off for the 2nd DAT and do well on it, in the meantime notifying schools that you're plannng to apply of your situation. Show them that you're motivated and determined.

    2) Save some $$ and apply in the next cycle, this will also allow you PLENTY of time to study and room of error, should there be one.

    Again, this is just my perspective, I encourage you to get other opinions before you decide what's best for you and I with you good luck with this decision.

  5. Yah-E

    Yah-E Toof Sniper

    Dec 12, 2001
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    Your DAT academic average is well below national's average and to those that are accepted to dental schools. Your cumulative GPA 3.24 is okay, but it all depends on your Overall Science GPA too.

    Your application submission time is not late at all, so don't worry about that.

    My advice: retake the DAT as soon as you are able to and aim for 20/20s!! If you choose not to retake the DAT for this application cycle, you still may receive some interviews, but overall picture will not look too pretty for 2003.

    Remember, there's always "hope", but insteading of "hoping", I think you should "make it" happen by retaking the DAT!

    Good luck!

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