Should I list this shadowing experience on my application?

Dec 9, 2012
So I called up a doctor's office and was told I could shadow but not the doctor(he doesnt accept shadows). I can shadow the PA. Im going to do it and I look forward to it as I figure its going to be a good experience where I can watch the provider patient interaction and from what I hear PAs can do most of what a primary care doctor does(and that is the type of practice), even if it doesnt make sense to list on my application. That being said, would you guys list it or no? My AACOMAS is still being verified and I am waiting for that to occur before I list my shadowing experiences. I am going to group them together. So if I listed it, in the description I would just put something like "shadowed PA X at Dr. Y's medical practice at location Z". Would that be OK, or would it be better to leave it off?


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Apr 24, 2015
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Not sure how this would look to adcoms. You're definitely opening yourself up to the question of "why medicine, why not PA?", and I would hope that you have a good answer to that. Is this your only shadowing experience, or have you shadowed physicians in the past?