Medical Should I pursue a Post Bacc or SMP?

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Jun 11, 2010
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    Here is my dilemma: while completing my degree in Economics, I decided I wanted to pursue medicine. I have since finished my degree and opted not to graduate, instead taking prerequisite science classes at LSU (completing roughly 3/5 of the preqs). While I have been doing fairly well (~3.5 sGPA, 3.75 cGPA) and improving drastically each semester (likely to finish this semester with a 4.2 gpa in all science classes), I still feel like I need more time to crystalize my scientific knowledge (working in research labs, volunteering, etc.), and study for the MCAT properly while sharpening my scientific GPA.
    So, my primary question is as follows: how would you advise a student in my situation to go forward? Assuming that I would like to like to spend money to go to an elite program that I am confident I would excel in, should I opt to just graduate with my degree in economics, work next semester, and apply to a post bacc program to start next August (given I have already taken some scientific courses)? I would likely spend my off semester working in a research lab, volunteering and studying for the GRE.
    The only alternative choice I am considering is to complete my scientific course work at LSU, and apply to SMP programs for next August. One hindrance with this decision, is that I would not be able to take my MCAT before applying (for I will not finish Biochemistry until the summer), which is required/recommended from the universities I am interested in.
    In sum my question is: should someone in my circumstance opt to do an SMP or a Post Bacc in this situation, assuming that I want to get into the best SMP/Post Bacc program (and then medical school) possible?
    Marathon now, not sprint. You apply to med school when you have the best possible app.

    As you're a career changer, I recommend a post-bac for students such as yourself.

    do NOT take the MCAT until you're 100% prepared for it. Read my last sign line.
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