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Jul 10, 2000
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I have a question for any NPs out there. You may be able to help me. I thought about being a healthcare professional for years. I am currently in graduate school, 22, and have been basically laughed at by medical schools when I applied. A friend suggested becoming a nurse practioner. I researched it and realized I am only a couple of courses (Anatomy & Physiology-taught labs never took the course, and Human Nutrition) off. So, I am wondering if anyone could help me out in anyway, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you.


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Jul 13, 2000
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How do you know that the medical schools laughed at your application? Was it because your credentials were not "on par" like they should be when you applied? What were your GPA (science and overall) and MCAT scores like? As far as pursuing an NP, the best suggestion I could think of is to shadow one. Spend a day or two with a NP (be it pediatric, family practitioner, or even OB) and find out more about their profession. It's always a good first step to find out if becoming an NP is something you'd want to invest time and money for.

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