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I'm currently scheduled for the July 18 test date. I'm studying using Kaplan material, and will finish unit 1 of 3 this weekend. That will leave me roughly 8 weeks to review units 2-3 and do lots of practice tests and problems. I'm working full time though, so I usually only have 3-4 hours/night to study. Do you guys think it's doable?

I'm wondering if I should r/s for the first date in August. Of course, this would be rather late. But, if I should r/s, I can't wait until I know for sure if I will have enough time because there may be no seats left for that test.




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May 9, 2009
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Of course, this is just my opinion.

Nevertheless, I say schedule the mcat for when you are ready to take it. Like, for example, if you studied for 5 months and 1 month after that 5 months of studying is the next mcat. You can do that if you plan everything in advance.

I think some light review in that 1 month before you actually take the mcat would be good a idea. You can keep everything fresh in your head. I would not get stressed out or overloaded though. Take 2 or 3 days off before you actually take it. Get some really good sleep and whatnot.

And btw, you know when you are ready. No one on here can tell you when you are ready. Only you know what you've memorized and can answer and all that. That is something only you know.

As for the kaplan, I've heard good and bad things about that. I personally believe using a mix of study materials is best. Use kaplan, gold standard, barrons, etc. Pretty much anything you can get your hands on.

Some say that is a bad idea because you will be studying stuff that wont even be on the mcat. I do not agree with that. No knowledge gained is worthless.

Plus, no one truly knows what is going to be on the mcat. They do change it up and that is a fact. So these books and study programs in reality will be based on just the general and what others remember from when they took the mcat.
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Dec 10, 2011
It sounds like you have a solid plan outlined. Don't get cold feet just because you are intimidated and move to a later date. It's all about where you feel you are as you get closer to the test. In the beginning, it can seem insurmountable so you want to move it back, but after a while, you'll hit your stride and start to feel pretty ready. At that point, I think more time is counterproductive.
In a month, see where your practice tests are at. If they're pretty close to where you want them, go for it. If they aren't, think about rescheduling.