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Sep 28, 2009
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I'm applying to medical schools this cycle and am already worried about not getting interviews due to my GPA (3.45s). Anyone know of any SMPs or remedial master's programs that can be started in the Winter/Spring semesters in case I get 0 IIs?
If your GPA is a 3.45 and you want to increase your chances, I would strongly suggest a post-bacc over an SMP as these will contribute to your GPA. You can do the post-bacc DIY and spend a lot less money than you would on an SMP. In any case, August is extremely early to be looking at starting one of these programs.

In terms of finding actual programs, I would suggest posting in one of the more public forums. Most of us are far beyond the SMP stage and are much more likely to be able to advise on how to get in rather than what SMP's exist.


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Mar 12, 2013
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Agree that you should do a post bac but should be in no rush as you would need to take a full year of courses at a minimum and ace them. Don’t rush this.
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