Should I take a gap year or is it still possible to get in as a traditional student?

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Sorry for the long post but I really just need advice!

I'm going to be a Junior at Tulane in Fall 2018. I am a neuroscience major. I had a very rough past semester (second semester sophomore year) because of extenuating circumstances (had to work extra hours because mom lost her job). My GPA dropped 0.12. Now I have a cGPA of 3.36. I have 4 C's in total. C gen chem I (but then got an A in gen chem II). C+ in bio (but then got an A in genetics). And from this past semester I got a C in physics I and a C+ in orgo II.

However, I work 2 jobs because I have a single mom and need to support myself. I attend my university on a full scholarship. My extracurriculars are great (President of science student government, volunteer at a local high school to teach science, member of multiple clubs). I also currently have a summer internship with a world-renowned neurosurgeon so I will be getting a letter of rec from him for medical school. I have two years of research experience at my Tulane's medical school with stem cells and regenerative medicine. I am part of an honors program and have had two papers published. I also believe that I can do really well on the mcat.

As of now, if I apply traditionally and do well in the next two semesters before applying, I can have a cGPA of 3.55. I really think I have all the necessary components. I am great at interviews, and I am also an english minor so my secondary app essays will be well-written. I just don't know if admissions will want to accept me because of my GPA. I would prefer not to take a gap year because I feel like that's something I can't really afford. But I also don't want to waste money on applications if I most likely won't be accepted into any MD programs. Any advice would be super helpful!

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Sep 9, 2014
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You need a MCAT score first then you can think about applying. Aim for a 512+ with your predicted GPA. Also if your GPA doesn’t reach a 3.55 then you’ll need to take at least one gap year to improve your grades. This isn’t taking into account the rest of your application.
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Make sure you get clinical experience (paid or unpaid) as well as some shadowing in addition to the MCAT score
That's what my internship is right now and I was also a scribe for two summers but thank you :)