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Dec 18, 2014
Hi everyone,

So during my junior year in college, I screwed up my social life and social connection really badly by choosing to live in a single in an empty suite that was about 30 minutes away from all of my friends' dorms. I was really lonely and and barely got to see any of my friends. Then I got involved in a complicated relationship and had a bad break up that left me depressed for almost 6 months ... I lost a lot during my junior year (I had to drop presidency of a club and wasn't re-elected to a smaller position ): ) and really wish I can relive it.

Now finally getting over everything and approaching my senior year, I have a dilemma...

I was wondering if I should graduate on time and use my gap year to pursue more real life experiences or I should stay a fifth year as my "gap year" to do more things I wanted to do in college (dancing and socializing) along with more EC building before going into medical school?

Because of my messup in junior year, I realized that I would need to use my senior year to focus on my gpa (I have 3.89), MCAT, and EC so I can apply successfully to medical school. But I feel like I haven't lived my undergraduate to the fullest due to wasting my junior year in loneliness and depression, and am afraid that if I have to focus my senior year on medical school and I graduate on time, I would regret later on in life for not living my undergraduate to the fullest.

I also have about 20k student loan and using my gap year to pursue real life experiences can help me pay off the loans and may look better to medical schools than adding another major and staying for a fifth.

Wanting to stay for a fifth year may also be my selfish desire of not wanting to grow up, and that I love my school, I love education and the students here, and I want to join more student clubs and build more social connections..

I'm a little bit lost and just wanted to get advice about my situation.. Should I pursue a more grown-up approach that is financially better and may help me grow or should I pursue my personal desire to socialize more?

Thank you so much!

Pagan FutureDoc

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Oct 28, 2015
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I'm gonna assume this is not a troll.

The life of a single, 20 something, young professional isn't a lot different from that of an undergrad.

Don't go for a fifth year just to party...