Veterinary Should I take a gap year to gain more diverse experiences or apply this cycle?

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Oct 13, 2011
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My VMCAS application is almost complete and I plan on applying to 5 schools for fall 2021 entry (all of which do not require/consider the GRE). I am starting to wonder if it is worth applying this cycle because I was unable to gain diverse experiences this summer due to covid-19. Based on my background and experiences listed below, would it be wise to gain more diverse vet experiences and apply for fall entry 2022 instead? Thanks in advance.


- I graduated this year with a 3.78 GPA (biology major with a concentration in molecular cell physiology, minor in statistics).
- I have 3 years of research experience in a evolutionary biology lab (focused on environmental adaptation in house mice).
-I have about 800 hours of vet experience working in a vivarium at my undergraduate university (I was first a lab animal technician assistant but I have moved up to lab animal technician). The vivarium is supervised by both a lab animal veterinarian and research scientist.
-Before I gained interest in lab animal medicine, I shadowed at a small animal hospital for only about 50 hours over a winter break. I also took a statistical consulting course during my sophomore year and my client was a veterinarian.
-I also have about 50 hours of animal experience from volunteering at an animal shelter.
-I was hired as a school of science peer mentor at my university during my junior year, and moved up to become the coordinator for the peer mentor leadership team during my senior year.
- I was secretary and then moved up to vice president of Next Generation Science Club at my university.
~300 total volunteer hours

-graduated with biology departmental honors (thesis
-alpha epsilon delta honor society
-historian of tribeta honor society
-school of science travel grant
-tribeta honor society research grant
-chi eta chapter (for tribeta honor society) excellence award
-phi eta sigma honor society
-research excellence award (distributed by the biology department at my university)
-participated in summer scholars program at my university
-3rd place presentation award in environmental biology at MACUB conference 2019
You should contact a few veterinary schools on your list on whether you have "enough" experience. They should be able to give you some insight.
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