Medical Should I take DIY post bacc classes online or at community college given COVID?

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Jun 11, 2010
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Hi everyone, hope you are all well! I was planning on starting a DIY post bacc at a 4 year university over the summer. All summer courses at this university have moved online due to COVID-19. The upper division science courses I was interested in taking, however, have been online in previous semesters, and I'm not sure if I should proceed on taking them or wait until the fall. If I wait to take courses in the fall, I would most likely have to take lower div science courses at a CC instead due to my work schedule.

Would taking these classes benefit me or will they be viewed unfavorably by admissions since they were online regardless?

If this helps: The transcript will indicate that the class is online. The courses are not prereqs

Thank you!!!
I suggest waiting until fall.

A boatload of Online Ps won't tell me if you can handle med school.
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