Medical Should I take Human Anatomy and Physiology or focus on raising GPA?

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Sep 4, 2006
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I am a raising senior at a top private university. All course are challenging and it is very difficult to get A.
My overall GPA is 3.2. I just took MACT today. My MACT practice test the highest score is 510. Last semester, I am not sure I can handle medical course load or not, in order to evaluate my ability, I took physical II with lab, cell biology, intro to sociology and one major core course, total 13 credit hours. Last semester, my parents did not agree that I took two pre- med course and cell biology together, but I took it anyway. I got B on physics II and B on cell biology.

2019-2020 is my last year, I have total 21 credit hours left. I want to take Hunan Anatomy and physiology I next year, my parents did not agree, my parents said : 1. My overall GPA is too low, I should take some easy course to improve my GPA, it is not necessary to take human anatomy and physiology. 2 my parents thought I should not took cell biology last semester, B on cell biology make my science GPA even lower.

I want to take human anatomy and physiology. My parents said it was wrong decision to take it for following reasons: 1. Human anatomy and physiology is health science major core course, it will be very competitive to get A. 2. I take this course and original chemistry lab together, so this semester I took total 13 credit hours together. Next semester I only have 8 credit hours. My parents said it was not necessary to take too many challenging courses together this semester.

Which is more important, improve GPA or take challenge course?

Please help me. Thanks.
Your parents are right. Getting a higher GPA should be your top priority. Raising your BCPM GPA is the most important, but you can take easier sciences and math, for now, to achieve that. You may need to spend an extra year in college to get your GPAs into a more competitive range. You could delay graduation another year, or take postbac classes after graduation as a nondegree student elsewhere. But you need a string of A-level grades. Bs are not helping your case.


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    I'll also join in and say that your lack of attention to detail or appearance of professionalism is also going to hold you back, if your original post is any indication. Of course your other posts on SDN also reveal similar difficulties... I think you have more problems that you are admitting or realize.
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