Should I take the job or do something else? Any timely feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

Oct 14, 2020
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I'm an MPH student nearing completion of my degree. This year I decided to pursue medical school after being pre-PA for a few years.

At the start of 2020, I started a full-time internship at the World Health Organization in the topic of climate change and health. The internship went very well and I ended up authoring a publication and securing a LOR from my supervisor. The internship is ending soon and I have been offered a contract to work for 6-months. It is likely that this contract will result in at least one other publication given the work that I would be assigned. The internship has been research heavy and involves lots of collaboration with public health professionals and ministries of health from around the world (the job would be the same). The focus of the work in general is to help developing countries adapt to the health impacts of climate change.

Is this something that adcoms would view favorably? or should I use my time on something else (more shadowing, volunteering, clinical experience, hard science research etc)

relevant context: international applicant who did BS and MPH in the US (I grew up in the US)

Major: Biology
uGPA: 3.53 with upward trend from a decently competitive public school
MPH GPA: 4.00
~800 volunteer hours as a medical assistant at a medicare/medicaid clinic in underserved area (very hands on direct patient care)
~100 hours shadowing a surgeon in a developing country
~80 hours shadowing OB/GYN in US (during high school)
~150 hours as research assistant in undergrad lab

I haven't taken the MCAT yet, I plan on taking it late 2021 and applying in the 2022 cycle.

How much would a job and publication from the WHO help? is my time better spent on something more strictly medical related?

I know it is hard to advise since I haven't taken the MCAT yet, but any feedback would be really appreciated! Thanks so much!!
Aug 20, 2019
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Without a MCAT score, we can't advise you. EC wise, you look okay. The internship is unique and will be a talking point for interviews. I would continue it. GPA wise, what does the breakdown look like year by year for science gpa, non science gpa, semester gpa. and cum gpa? It can be tougher to be admitted as an international student. Your undergrad GPA is definitely on the lower side for allopathic medical school acceptances.
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