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Feb 7, 2008
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    I'm taking Physics I during the first sesssion of summer and Microbiology during the II session of summer.

    However, I want to study for the DAT in the summer as well. Do you think I should just take those courses at another time and focus solely on the DAT?

    Its just that having these classes done will make my schedule less hectic.


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    Mar 25, 2007
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      there's no physics on the DAT. i'd spend the first session studying for the DAT; take it as early as possible. can you do micro and physics both in the 2nd semester? or swap and take micro first and physics second?


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      Mar 29, 2006
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        What I would do:

        Put physics off till later. Leave the first half of summer empty and just focus on the DAT. Take the DAT before the second half of summer starts... and then take one or both of the classes in the second half of summer.
        If you dont feel ready to take the DAT after the first half of summer... then push it back and dont take any classes during the summer and take the DAT when you are ready.
        The DAT is super important.... more important than a less hectic schedule in the fall. Focus on it and do the best you can :thumbup:


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        Apr 28, 2006
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          I think this answer depends on how well you generally do on standardized tests. Though my scores on the DAT weren't amazing (19s--but QR brought me down, so I don't know how much schools look at individual scores...if they did that, then I did better), I only studied on and off for about 3 weeks and then really focused the last 6 days before the exam. Since you can schedule it when you want, I personally think I would have been ok with that schedule (1 summer course each session, wouldn't do any more than that). It all depends on how YOU do your best though. I tend to be a moderate studier and a severely intense reviewer.
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