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so here are the basics on the school. if you need any other info, like more specific info (i'm going this fall to start) you can email me at [email protected]

how to get in :

1st call to see if there are any seats left for this year. we were supposed to start on aug.1, but looks like we won't start till october (so probably you can still apply for this year). call 001-818-952-0205. but calling sucks.. its better to find a family member in the area who can go talk to them in person.

1. all you need is a Highschool Diploma and you have to have taken several classes, like Chemistry, Biology, and other's i'm not exactly certain on, on your HS transcript.

2. You also need a letter typed out from your principle with a Grade Table, that explains what an A, B, C,D, and F means.

3. Then you need your principle to write out a letter of proof that your HS was accredited by some sort of association.

4. Then you need a Certificate from the Health Ministry of India (which i haven't gotten yet, but i'm working on it). You actually will get it when you get to india.

Once your accepted (you usually are), they require some $$ upfront to reserve the seat and the rest of the $$ on the first day of class (so you pay for all 5.5 years by the first day of class).

the school :
is deemed, so it's like its own school that can make its own rules (except recently i think they are going thru some changes and thats why classes are taking so long to start this year).

it has an affiliation with the one and only Harvard. I don't really know how it affects the students.

there are usually between 10-20 NRI's a year, and the rest of the 130-140 are local tamil kids or telugu kids.

there is an NRI dorm for girls. single rooms with their own bath. usually all the NRI girls from all the years stay there, unless they get their own apt outside of campus. you can have a refrig, tv, cable, internet, microwave, a/c (anything u can afford) in your dorm room. the curfew is 9pm (you have to be in the dorm building by then, not asleep). there is a restaurant on the bottom floor of the dorm that's open till 11 or so. but your tuition includes room and board.. so there's a cafeteria on campus that is free for you. the campus is really nice for an indian school.. cuz the school is hella rich. the hospital is nice too, and hs a/c in it, but the classes don't.

you have class from 8-12 and labs from 1-4 Monday - Saturday (saturday might be a half day). you always get May off cuz its so hot that month. you usually can stretch one of your other breaks if you are an NRI so you can visit the US during christmas. there are 4.5 years of class/clinicals, and then the last 5th year is called an "internship" which before u could do in the US, but i'm not sure if u can do it in the US anymore. you have to wear chudidar's to class/labs, and conservative clothing (pants to the library).. but i dont think they care in the city when your off campus.

well i haven't left yet for india.. cuz i dont plan on leaving till a week b4 classes start. let me know if u need any other info.

later . . .
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