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Dec 28, 2000
Norfolk, VA.
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Ok folks here's my situation...
I just finished up my work at a community college here in VA and revieved my associates. For a variety of reasons I only applied to transfer to one undergraduate school to finish up my undergraduate education. I am currently at that school going through a transfer student orientation process. The school I am at is not particularly respected academically(Liberty U. in Lynchburg, VA.) Now that I am here on campus, getting a feel for the way things are done around here, I am not sure I made the right choice of schools. The pre-med support system soes not sound very strong here, and academic flexibility in regards to majors is nearly non-existant. Also, I could almost certainly go to a better academic school and still spend less money. There are other factors influencing my decision, but they are personal and I will have to think about those for myself. Here is my question: If I were to decide not to attend school here this semester and instead transfer elsewhere in the spring, or perhaps even next fall, will admissions committees have a negative perception towards my change of mind? Will sitting out a year be looked down upon? I'm willing to stay here if necesary, but it would greatly help my decision making process if I knew the answers to my questions. :) Thank you for any help you can give!

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Aug 10, 2000
ann arbor
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well you could always do something very productive with your year off. then you'd probably just have to explain why you did it, but the focus will be more on what you did on your time off than why you took the time off in the first place. it might be a good opportunity to do some research or full time volunteer job, or paid job at a hospital, work as an EMT, travel around the world... there are lots of possibilities.


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Mar 1, 2002
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lots of people take LOTS of years off, and they do just fine getting in once they are ready. as long as you can explain, and it sounds like you'll do a great job of explaining.

if it were me, i would not do well in a school i started out disliking. school is hard enough when you do like it! don't spend your money or your time in a place you feel will be unsupportive or lacking in resources. if you go to liberty, you will be annoyed a million times and wish you'd gone elsewhere.

find a school you can be happy with, and do well when it is time for you to attend. believe in yourself.
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Oct 14, 2000
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Since you are in Norfolk, I suggest you make an appointment with Admissions at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Request a counseling session, making it clear that you are NOT an applicant this year. Listen carefully, don't argue. Explain your quandry and ask for advice. I am sure they will not suggest that you should not attend Liberty, but they might suggest other or better alternatives in Virginia.

Liberty University does not have a premedical advisor who is a member of the advisors' national association, which is already a negative, in my opinion.

If the religious education at Liberty is that important to you , then go if you wish to. Attending a secular school should not diminish your beliefs nor prevent you from worship. Nor will your religious belief be a factor in medical school admission; it is irrelevant and will not be asked about.

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