SIUE School of Pharmacy admission for Fall 2015 : Class of 2019

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Oct 16, 2014
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Hello all. Just open this thread for people who are interesting to apply to Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville for Pharm D for fall 2015. Please let share our stats and help each other with advice for this cycle. Hope hearing from you soon.

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Just submitted everything. Not sure if i prefer SIUE or UIC yet since im OOS and havent been to either. Anyways, stats:
89 composite
BS in nutrition science
Pharm tech exp
Your stats are pretty good and competitive. Mine are: GPA:3.7, PCAT: 57, a little experience
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Dont stress yall. You both have a great chance of getting in! Good luck!
Still havent heard anything back. Anyone have a timeline of when they submitted and were told whether they had an interview or not?
Just got interview offer for next month!

Anyone have any input on the Edwardsville / St. Louis area?
I got the interview email for next month this morning.
I am living in St Louis area.
Hope everyone's interviews went well and congrats to all those accepted. I am waitlisted at #2. I am sure I will eventually be accepted but it is just a waiting game now :-/ Just thought I would throw out the info I have found out. The initial deadline for those who were accepted is Friday March 6 so they should start moving onto the waitlist the following week. Good luck to everyone who is sitting on the edge of their seat like me!