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Dec 23, 2013
I unfortunately heard about picmonic before sketchy so ive already done a fair amount of work with it. I was wondering, does sketchy actually have all the information for micro that is needed for USMLE/COMLEX? Is there material that isnt included in the sketchy videos that you may have found in first aid that came up on test day?

Additionally i watched a sample video of their pharmacology section about antibiotics. They included things the specific illness for each bug that is treated with the antibiotic (first aid for the most part only says drug x kills bug x). Is this level of detail needed with antibiotics?
Thank you


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Jun 12, 2014
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Sketchy micro and pharm I think were instrumental in me getting a good score on the USMLE. Obviously everyones learning styles are different but I highly recommend sketchy over picmonic. It contains all the pertinent information needed to do well in both the micro and pharm sections.


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Jan 27, 2014
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I swear sketchy is the best thing to ever happen to me. WAY BETTER than picmonics, micro and pharm were consistently my highest sections on the boards and shelf exams.

Even for rotations I find myself thinking back to the pictures and storylines whenever I'm getting asked a question by my attendings. I even had one say, "I wouldn't have known that as a brand new third year." I chalk it up to sketchy.

By far sketchy micro is better than pharm but still their pharm is very good


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Sep 17, 2015
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I wasnt really a fan of the Sketchy Pharm as much as their Micro....but that's pretty hard to compare to. But it's a great source. However, I was like you OP- I lived off of Picmonic and fared just fine. both will get you where you need to go. Use whichever one sticks in your head easier (for me it was Picmonic).
Apr 26, 2013
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Sketchy Micro is amazing if it fits your learning style. However I used it for class and not so much for Step, BUT I did remember MOST of it for the rest of my second year (I had micro early) and micro comes up again in all of the other systems so I didn't have to review much when it showed up. I don't think it necessarily has everything, but there aren't to many holes to fill (and for that I just used FA). I did not do Sketchy Pharm, it came out too late for me to do it for Step study (and I didn't re-do Sketchy Micro for Step study although I know some people did, not as good use of your time IMO). I thought FA was just fine for Pharm though.


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Mar 15, 2012
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Man, never used sketchy. I used picmonic a bit and liked it quite a bit, but after awhile they just start to blend together. Seriously brilliant learning, though!