Dec 12, 2013
My MCAT is on Tuesday and i've been using mostly TBR tests for testing since I exhausted all the AAMC tests the first time around.

I've ranged from 25 - 30 on my TBR tests, with the latest being a 26 on TBR #7. So i'm naturally freaking out. I was wondering if anyone has taken tbr 7 and what their opinion is on that particular test?


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Mar 1, 2013
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I thought TBR 7 was okay (not one of their hardest). But it's hard to compare amongst different people, since everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses content-wise.
Jul 29, 2013
Do not fret! I'm in a similar boat, although I suggest you learn all of your mistakes on that exam and briefly study the topics that you did poorly on. Got a 2/5 on a passage on electrochemistry? Learn content and practice redox/electrochemical cell questions along with it. If it's the content you're troubled with (ie: can't solve geometrical optics problems to save your life) watch a video on geometrical optics. Most importantly, CALM your mind. Freaking out will do nothing helpful for you. Be structured. Try your best. You got this far and there's no turning back. So I suggest you relax, do a few last minute modifications such as content review, but do not take another FL (that might hurt your morale). Watch a few motivational videos as well. :)

(TBR tests are often harder than AAMC FL's, but I've never taken one myself and wouldn't know personally)
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Dec 12, 2013
I've taken section tests from the later AAMCs and have done well but still you know? Haha