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Jun 9, 2024
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Facing a difficult choice after getting off a waitlist. Interested in competitive surgical subspecialties (Interventional Rads, Vascular, Ortho, Neurosurg). Is the difference in cost worth it here?


- Higher ranked, better facilities (new hospital is gorgeous)
- St. Louis (tired of suburbia, want to live in a city)
- Home residencies in specialties I am interested in (Residents who have matched competitively have told me this is very important)
- P/F. Clerkships are tiered
- Proximity to Barnes/WUSTL (not really a pro for SLU but I feel like I can try my luck)
- Campus is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed interview day
- More research opportunities

- Very expensive (380K over four years)
- Far from support system (I am instate for EVMS)
- Never lived in the Midwest. Have no idea if I will adjust well.


- Cost (190K over four years due to a merit scholarship)
- Close to support system
- Love the Norfolk / VA beach area
- NBME exams, P/F
- Loved the vibes on interview day

- Lack of home residency programs in specialties I am interested in (This is pretty significant)
- Lower number of matches in specialties I am interested in
- Very clear primary care focus (this is not a bad thing, just not my cup of tea)
- Harder to find research

Couple of Ortho and IR residents have suggested me to stomach the cost and go to SLU as I will have a higher chance to match with a home program. What do you guys think? Thank you so much!

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(Disclaimer, planning on going to SLU). I think the extra cost definitely makes sense if you’re for sure interested in something competitive. Having a home program makes a big difference in terms of finding research and mentors to write letters for you. Weigh the extra cost against the risk of not matching or needing to take a research year (losing out on a year of attending salary). I’m also getting generally good vibes from the students and admin that I’ve interacted with and the curriculum seems quite good compared to similarly-ranked schools. Feel free to DM me if you want to talk!
if you're a bright student and will work hard, you'll be able to match to those specialties from EVMS. That difference in cost is huge and aside from the opportunities, there is no 'prestige' difference that you'll get in residencies.
I'd save the money. Bird in the hand. Just find some ROADS mentors early on and get some research in. Network early for your 4th year away rotations.

There isn't a lot of overlap between WashU and SLU. I went to the former and had a bunch of friends from SLU. One guy from SLU matched at WashU in Rad Onc my year at WashU but his step 1 and 2 were off the charts. A couple IMs as well.