Dec 30, 2013
New York, NY
Hello everyone!

I am an SMDEP student ambassador for the 2014 application cycle! I am here to assist you guys with the application process! I was elected as an ambassador two months ago and I can answer questions about any and everything about SMDEP. I attended the partook in the program this past summer as a Pre-dental student and it was stupendous! In return, I would greatly appreciate if you ladies and gents could enter my name: "Bobby Glover-Alonzo" in the section that says "who referred you" where they ask how you learned about SMDEP or something along those lines. If I recruit many pre-health students, SMDEP will help me prepare for my DAT exam. Thank you all SO very much! If you may have questions, tag my name on any of the SMDEP threads or simply email me at [email protected]