SMP acceptances to Tulane Msc in Medical Genetics and Duke MBS program. Please help me decide!

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Mar 26, 2024
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So I recently was given acceptances to Tulane's Masters of Medical Genetics and Genomics program and Duke's MBS program. I will be graduating this spring and thought to go the SMP route given that I would like to increase my sGPA and get a masters in my gap year. I also liked how both of these programs offer clinical experience which I am lacking. I am planning on applying this 2024 cycle to go to medical school 2025. Anyone who has done either of these programs - your response or advice is greatly appreciated as I need to make a decision soon!

Tulane ("estimates that over 90% of their graduates who apply to medical school or osteopathy school have been accepted in subsequent years")
  • Small class size (16 students max)
  • offers clinical shadowing experience at their own clinic
  • Love the program director (we have already seemed to establish a great relationship with one another because we have similar research/career interests)
  • Program starts in late August (starts later than Duke (july 5th) as a recent graduate - I like how this will give me a little more time to enjoy my freedom lol)
  • Program cost: $24,000 (It's probably one of the cheapest SMPs I've seen especially for such a great school)
  • It's close to home (I'm from Texas so it's like a 6 hour drive)
  • NOLA seems like such a fun city to experience
  • The school of medicine is downtown and separate from the undergraduate campus
  • Offers graduate housing
  • No guarantee to their medical school
  • Not sure exactly how they help their students get into medical school

Duke ("The rate of offer acceptance has been high every year – approximately 75%")
  • highly recognized program (if I do well it could allow me to get into more prestigious medical schools)
  • Could open many opportunities post graduation if I don't matriculate next cycle
  • EMT-certified training (adds clinical experience)
  • Offers class with training on getting into medical school

  • Program cost: ~$50,000 (ive been considered for a scholarship but it won't even make a dent in my tuition)
  • Durham doesn't seem as fun as NOLA lol
  • Program is very rigorous and could potentially hurt me if I don't do well (its 38 credits in 10 months)
  • No graduate housing (+housing near the SOM is expensive)
  • Larger class size than Tulane (~40 students)

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Hi, could you tell me what your stats were to get into these programs I would really appreciate it? Thank you!