Aug 3, 2017
I am entering my 3rd and final year of undergrad at UC San Diego. I am graduating as a 3rd year because I will finish all of the required classes for my bachelors and I am paying about 40K a year as an out of state student. My home state is Texas.

This year I will be taking the rest of my upper div biology courses and will be preparing/taking the MCAT after I've covered all the topics.

Recognizing that my GPA and especially sGPA is low, I plan on doing recovery after I graduate before I apply DO or MD. My ultimate goal is to get into a DO or MD program in Texas.

My issue is clearly my low GPA. I'm not sure if my science GPA will completely destroy my chances when applying.

My question is whether I should spend my year off (after graduating) doing an SMP or post bacc program? Or should I study for the MCAT and apply the next cycle for DO (is my GPA good enough to do this)?

I could apply for a texas SMP or a texas post bacc program or even do a diy post bacc. I have so many credits which makes it difficult to raise my GPA but I am willing to repair it no matter what it takes. If I can get into a DO school I will gladly go. However, if I go through a few years of GPA recovery I would like to reach for MD.

By the end of this school year my sGPA should be 3.0 and I could take community college classes to raise it higher but I don't know if taking community classes will look like fluff to boost my GPA

My EC include: extensive undergrad research, 300+ hours of clinical volunteering, shadowing MD


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Jun 5, 2015
Medical Student
DO -> Ace a post bacc 505+ MCAT although if you do well enough on the MCAT and have a 3.3/3.0 you'd likely have a shot somewhere. Make sure to shadow a DO and get a LOR though.
MD -> Ace a post bacc or SMP or both 510+ MCAT
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