May 14, 2013
Hey Everyone,

I am selling most of the Sn2ed materials. The only one I believe is missing is BR Bio. I would like to sell most of them at once, so I'll focus on those offers first. Here are the conditions:

Berkeley Review:
Gen Chem 1 (2010) - Little Highlighting in first Ch. only
Gen Chem 2 (2010) - Good Condition
Physics 1 (2011) - Highlighting/Pencil/Pen in first 1.5 Chapters
Physics 2 (2011) - Highlighting/Pencil
Org Chem 1 (2012) - Good Condition
Org Chem 2 (2012) - Good Condition

EK 1001 (Including Bio) + EK Verbal 101:
These are in very usable condition. There may be a few markings, but none that interfere with use.

7th Edition EK Bio
TPR Verbal Reasoning and Writing Review (2010)

While some of these books do have markings, I never felt hindered working through any of these books. I'd to offer the full set for $250. If you would like only certain books or a different price we can talk on the side. Thanks and good luck with your studying!