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Apr 15, 2009
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Hey I was just wondering , those that are following the SN2ed with the BR books , how many hours a day to you solely devote to MCAT studying , going over materials + passages

I know some people that completely disconnected from the world while studying for the mcat, no more FB, Emails, Internet surfing, going out etc I dont think that's healthy at all but at the same time those are distractions, I want to know from experience what is the best approach ?


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Jun 27, 2007
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On the majority of days you shouldn't need to completely disconnect with everyone. You should keep your sanity after all ;) However, I would treat it like a typical 9-5ish job. Some days will be shorter, some a little longer depending on your comfort with the material. Just to reiterate, it's highly recommended you get some R&R while studying for the MCAT. It's similar to sports, where training is just as important as giving your body a rest.
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