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Sn2ed set (TBR, TPRH verbal, EK 1001)


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Aug 1, 2011
  1. Pre-Medical
    I have the complete TBR set (2009-2010) (verbal is pending sell), TPRH verbal (2011), and EK 1001 series (ochem, chem, physics), EK verbal, and EK bio. All books are completely clean except TBR Bio which has highlighting in the content portions (none in the practice passages) and EK verbal which has whiteout marks for a 1/3 of the book. Please send me your best offer. Thanks.

    Edit: TBR set is gone, TPRH and EK 1001 are still available. Please send me an offer instead of asking how much it is, otherwise I will not respond. Thank you.
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