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Feb 1, 2012
EK Complete Study Package (Sell as package ONLY) $175$150
EK Physics
EK Chemistry
EK Biology
EK Organic Chemistry
EK Verbal (not 101)
EK Practice Exam
EK 16 Mini-MCATs (extra!)
EK Audio Osmosis (extra!)
Sell as Separates:
TPRH Science Workbook ($75) – great for extra passage practice!
Nova Physics ($25) – great if you are weak in Physics!

SN2ed Study Package (Sell as Package ONLY) $450 SOLD
EK 1001 O Chem/Gen Chem/Physics
Entire TBR set (2009)
TPRH Verbal Workbook (2010)
EK Verbal 101 (2nd Edition)
EK Bio (7th Edition)

All books were used with intent to resell so no highlighting or writing.

*PM if interested. You pay shipping. Paypal Only. Thanks for looking.
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