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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by tonydtgr, Dec 21, 1999.

  1. tonydtgr

    tonydtgr Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 20, 1999
    Orange, CA
    I've received several interviews this year. I am trying to choose which schools are best. What's important to me are: 1) the quality of the education 2)availability of good rotations & residency matching 3) are there things to do near the school? and 4) what's the weather like (not too cold or hot,hopefully)?
    What are your top 6 D.O. schools according to the standards above? Tell me what city/state you're all from since reasons 2 & 3 will be different depending on where you've grown up. (Also, maybe tell what are the reasons you picked those 6). Thanks. This would really help me and anybody else who's trying to decide!

    If i could rank my top six in order (these are schools i've gotten interviews for):
    1) COMP 2)TCOM 3) AZCOM 4) CCOM 5) KCOM 6) UHS
    I'm from California. Was I right with this list? What do you think?!

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  3. Smile

    Smile Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Aug 2, 1999
    though it is great that you have so many choices to pick from, it almost looks like you are shopping for undergraduate schools rather than medical school. realize that wherever you go, you likely won't have much time to socialize and have too much fun. though i'm not saying that's not important (cause having some things to do nearby is a big consideration for myself, as well), but i think quality of education of the program are the most important determinants of where to go. in regards to weather, though i understand you're from california and used to generally warm weather, my thoughts are simply that if you are really serious about going to a good program, then weather too won't be a major issue. who is to say that just cause your first two years are in a place w/ 70 degree weather that the same will hold true for your rotation years, and even further, for your residency?

    but you are fortunate enough to be able to pick from so many choices that you can find the best "total package" for yourself.
  4. mazya

    mazya Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 26, 1999
    Hi there,
    I would say that I have almost identical invitations for school and I too am from Cali. I looke at it this way: any medical school will give you a good education, rotations and residency matchups are important. I looked at WesternU and I think that of all the DO schools, its the one for me. It's in California, the schools has been here for a while and is proven, the education is great, rotations are very open (and pretty much up to the student to choose hospitals), and residencies matchups are not bad. I think that compared to other schools, you are defenitly more free to go to your choice of hospitals for rotations. On the down side, YOU are in charge of finding hospitals and coordinating with the schools staff. I know that chicago and kcom are both good, but I cancelled my interviews at both places (along with Nova and TUCOM), since I don't think the other schools will offer me that much better education and experience. But again, it's just my personal opinion!
  5. Paul's Boutique

    Paul's Boutique B====D 10+ Year Member

    Jul 18, 1999
    Pomona CA
    Warm weather? Not in Chicago or Erie ! (BTW, I'm going to COMP in 2000...)
  6. turtleboard

    turtleboard SDN Advisor 10+ Year Member

    Jun 3, 1999
    New York, New York
    Let's be honest, folks, and just say NYCOM would be ranked #1. It has the best weather (New York weather varies, but is always reasonable), has the best clinical rotations (at many prominent hospitals and medical centers in the New York Metropolitan Area), and has MANY fun things to do near campus (New York City is just 30-40 minutes away by car or train).


    This post wasn't sponsored by NYCOM. I don't attend NYCOM, so who else but I can be UNBIASED in his opinion? [​IMG]

    Tim of New York City.
    (except for the "being from New York" part)
  7. Pepe

    Pepe Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 17, 1999
    San Antonio, Tx. USA
    It seems that the topic of comparing one school versus another is really popular which is fine but personally I am leery about suggesting any school simply because there is no way that we can use the same criteria in ranking them. What is important to me might not mean a hill of beans to you. One of the best pieces of advice I got about applying to schools was that I shouldn't apply and go to the "best" school, but rather that I should go to the best school for me. None of the DO schools that I interviewed at were bad and all of them seem capable of preparing you to become a good physician. Anyway I'm sure you will be happy wherever you go and good luck with your decision.
  8. spunkydoc

    spunkydoc Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    May 2, 1999
    chicago, IL usa
    hey guys--all good thoughts, but this is a CAREER want to choose a school that will prepare you for the job--the job interview comes at think fairly far ahead..

    choose a school that has the best rotation sites and whose students get excellent residencies in places you would be interested in living/working..

    if you are stuck on staying home, stay home..

    my advice--avoid upstart med schools who have virtually no rotation sites or leave you to your own devices to set them up..pick schools with high rate of passage on the boards..

    don't worry about the extracurricular b/c you will not have time to socialize like undergrad in the first 2 years..yrs 3-4 you will begin to live your life again when you move and just do clinicals..

    top 3 ranked schools in no particular order are considered: CCOM, PCOM, KCOM..they are also the oldest.

    good luck

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