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So I've reformulated my plan...peace out GT


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10+ Year Member
Jul 12, 2007
After a long and hard conclusion...I've decided GT is a waste of my time...this sucks at 80/40...I may just use GT maybe in the limelight of a cumulative subject exam but that still may not be worth my time...high yield is the GOAL

I'm sure I have learned a lot from using GT but the bottom of the fact is first aid is first aid and FA + UWorld should be good for a 240. More importantly, rote memorization is cool but medicine requires you to be a thinker and draw pathways and re-read your own reasoning; plain and simple GTs questions suck testing-purpose wise. I can't do that with GT and I think that was my biggest regret in using it. I didn't use GT for a thinking subject like Path and theres no reason to use it dedicatedly now....Phloston, I'm looking at you man when I ask you for advice.

So here I am starting fresh out, its Feb...exam is mid-June, my only workhorse books will be FA, an annotated Pathoma, HY Neuro, and a nicely annotated BRS-phys (with kaplan vids) + review my errors from Lippencott QandA Anatomy/Embryo + Robbins QandA Path

...Over the next 3 months, I would like to finish a pass of UWorld (maybe ~ 24qs a day/jotting down my errors onto an organized sheet to look at while doing UWorld again during dedicated step review) and review all my stuff once while annotating FA.

PHASE 1- Basic Sciences - Month of February
Review all the Basic Science stuff:
1.) Biochem (kaplan vids annotated onto my FA
2.) Gen Pharm - kaplan vids annotated onto FA
3.) Game-plan for the month of March-April
4.) Immuno- Read levinson (90 pages immuno gold + FA)
5.) FA Micro and MicroCards
6.) Most of Behavioral Sciences
7.) Review Embryo/Anatomy stuff within each organ system

PHASE 2 - PATH - March/April
=> PATH: Review Each System in FA with BRS Physio and re-watching Pathoma
=> PHARM: read associated pharm

PHASE 3- Dedicated prep in May-June
=> Repeat in faster amount of time


Full Member
10+ Year Member
Jul 12, 2007
More on the UWorld...another alternative I had to tackle UWorld was to start questions only when I was completed with a block and just max out that then doing it at random...at least at this learning phase in these three months, I can then formulate an error log that truly then reflects what I dont know based on having done all of FA on a subject to the max and best of my abilit
Your timeline will be unique to you. There are a number of effective methods that can get you to similar outcomes.

I'll just point out that I personally didn't like GT either. I hated their flashcard system quite honestly. But there were two 270+ scorers during 2012 who had sworn by it. So for some people, it's golden.
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