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so who actually used/is using kaplan qbank?


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Nov 20, 2003
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    i used both for Step 1. i like the format, content and explanations for Uworld better. i felt like Kaplan was so focused on minutiae and random obscure things that it just freaked me out. i wish i could have gotten a refund...

    i ended up finishing all of Uworld and most (90% i think) of Qbank before step 1. the actual exam felt just like Uworld in terms of difficulty and length of the question stems. i got a 245 and was very happy with that score. i am using Uworld again now for 3rd year rotations/Step 2.

    i think Uworld is also cheaper, if that influences your decision :)
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    Dec 29, 2007
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      I would say Kaplan is more like the real thing- long annoying obscure passages, much more likely to test you on random junk.

      IMO UWorld is better for LEARNING. Questions are harder, stems are shorter, but the important thing is you learn a lot. Which i think is 95% of the fight.

      I was satisfied with Kaplan until I tried World. I tried to go back to Kaplan but i couldn't stand it.

      As I've mentioned before however, the kaplan biostats and WWJD questions are pretty good practice.
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