Social Life and Med School?

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Jun 18, 2002
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Is it possible? And by social life I do not mean going out 5 nights a week getting wasted. I just mean a school where you will be able to relax every now and then and not go out of your mind from stress. Any particular schools that are known for offering this?

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I have researched Johns Hopkins and Case Western and I think those two schools offer some time off in the first year or so; you might want to check their websites, Hopkins' is

Thanks for the inquiry.
Personally, I think if you plan well and you use your time wisely, you can have some time to yourself no matter what med school you attend.
Then again who I'm I to know, I have not even experience med school for a day yet.
Well I just started the summer pre-matriculation program at UCI and there are a few of us in the class that party all the time. We drink about 2-3 times a week.

It really depends on your class and the difficulty of the course load. Some schools work you to the bone so that you can't have fun. Other schools give you time to be yourself. At UCI you get off normally at 12pm during the year and a lot of people have time to enjoy life between classes (of course there are some who never let up on the studying). It's funny now that I've spoken with a lot of other med students, it looks like UCI is a party school. I heard classes in years past would get 20-30 students together, get wasted (in more ways than one) and then hit up some bars and/or clubs.

UCI undergrad sure wasn't this fun.