socialized healthcare

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Jan 17, 2005
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What will radiology be like under socialized medicine???? i.e. if a democrat is elected?

Socialized medicine as opposed to capitalistic medicine? Capitalism is based on markets where companies pursue profit (ethically). This works incredibly well in most professions. Healthcare is peculiar in that it is the only industry where its primary practitioners (doctors) are intentionally trying to put themselves out of business. In a market economy, health care incentives and patient care not aligned. The alternative is unfairly called socialized health care, when in fact it is the most pro-economy.

And I’m a Republican. I’ll be voting for Mitt Romney based on his health care record (look it up). Its pretty much “socialized medicine”

Radiology faces unique challenges since imaging is data based and can easily be outsourced. Interventional radiology is at the forefront of healthcare and will always have a promising future.