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Societal Interpretation of a Physician's Monetary Worth


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Feb 9, 2016
  1. Occupational Therapist
    the [monetarily] smart people take jobs where the salary is good but the bonus is incredibly substantial (paying carried interest). Doctors take substantial salaries only to have huge tax penalties that cut your take home down quite a bit. The system is setup in this way for a reason. Good PP jobs are also disappearing at a pretty fast rate so the opportunity for big bonuses is also going away.

    It isnt all about money and physicians will have very satisfying jobs (more than pushing $ around all day) if the paperwork and EMR doesnt bury us. physicians need to help other physicians bc the suits at the top just want us to be wage earners. i was happy to see someone make this site bc the more i thought about it the more it makes sense: http://roaddating.com
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