(SOLD) MCAT ExamKrackers + AAMC Exams + AAMC Book


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Apr 4, 2013
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    UPDATE 1/16/15: SOLD
    the Official Guide to the MCAT Exam (2012)
    AAMC exams 1-10 w/ solutions ($35 per exam #2-#10 --> worth $315 just AAMC exams alone)
    Kaplan Study Materials
    ExamKrackers (EK) 101 Verbal Passages
    EK Chemistry
    EK Verbal Reasoning and Mathematical Techniques
    EK Biology
    EK Physics
    EK 1001 Physics
    EK 1001 Organic Chemistry
    EK 1001 Chemistry
    EK Simulated MCAT Exam #1H
    Kaplan New MCAT in a Box Flashcards

    These materials helped my score rise 6 points. Very good study materials! I hope it works well for you. There are some writing in the books, which are mostly done in pencil. For pages that have writing, you can definitely try to bubble in all choices to camouflage answers.
    If you have additional inquiries (such as additional photos, etc), please send me a message.

    Price: Negotiable. Please PM me if interested.

    (You may notice that I also having postings for the PCAT. Yes I am still unsure which profession I would like to pursue unfortunately.)
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