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Mar 3, 2010
Just wondering - would having the solutions option on interfere with my score on the Q-packs? I usually do 1-3 passages under timed conditions, make all my selections, and then go back and look at the solutions. I obviously do not look at the solution until I've locked in an answer. Once I've locked in an answer, I do not change it for any reason at all. But would being able to look at the answers after 3 passages vs after 120 questions change my score for any reason?

I tried solutions off for one of the Q-packs - I did all 120 questions and then was given the solutions after submitting everything. The downside to this is that it took me 2-3 days to finish the Q-pack, and by the time I went over it, I couldn't remember my initial reasoning for choosing an answer. It seemed to make more sense to be able to see what I got wrong after doing the passage, not 3 days later.