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Jun 7, 2004
I have a few questions for anyone who's already at Columbia:

How is the revisit weekend structured? How crucial is it? Is one of the days (Thurs/Fri) more important than the other? I only ask because getting time off from work will be very difficult for me and I need to plan ahead.

How is the financial aid office? I know it differs dramatically for each student, but I felt the financial aid presentation to be...ummm...nonexistent. So I was just wondering how accessible and/or helpful they are.

I'm not posting this in Allopathic because Pre-Allo has so many more readers and I know several of them are at P&S right now.

Any insight would be great. Thanks!


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Mar 21, 2002
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I think revisit is thurs, fri, sat. I would go to as much as possible - the days are long but you will learn a lot .. mostly by meeting your future classmates. Remember, you're going to spend A LOT of time with these people, make sure you like them.

Fin aid office folks are nice. That reminds me, I need to do my taxes, fafsa, and fin aid forms asap. They give need-based grants pretty generously the first 2 years.

For what it's worth, everyone I talked to that did not go to revisit totally regretted it!
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