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First, update your Pharmcas as soon as you get the grades and then start immediately to get your school to send the transcripts. Last year it took quite a while for my transcript with fall grades to get out and then it took the ENTIRE 6 weeks for Pharmcas to verify it. Meanwhile I was reading on here about interviews being set, so I figured out I couldn't wait for them to verify my grades or I wasn't going to get an interview, so I sent an email to the schools I applied to with a PDF of my grades attached. (Do some research and find out who the admin is who works with the files, you have nothing to lose at this point. Also, I had added a class that was a pre-req for one of the schools and they weren't notified about the change. After the school got the email about the pre-req and the PDF of my grades I got two interviews immediately.

To those people with marginal PCAT scores, but excellent grades, I feel the grades and the ability to study far outweigh whatever the PCAT says. If you get an interview, point out the correlation between your high school grades and SAT (and for most it will be just like their PCAT and grades)This from someone with a 58 comp last year (4.0 undergrad). I just finished my first semester P1with a 4.0

One other thing I learned, I was immediately accepted to a program with a good sized deposit. When I got the call in May from my first choice, I asked if they had any scholarships that might help defray what I was going to lose from the deposit and they did find a scholarship to help me out.

Hope this helps you all!
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