Some insight and advice about the Army/Air Force/Navy (NOT about pay!)

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Jul 27, 2011
Hello all,

First, sorry it is yet ANOTHER post about army/air force/navy. But thank you everyone who wrote on the topic in earlier posts. I'm graduating pharmacy school next year and thinking about what I want to do with my future. I have been browsing them and feel like I am learning a lot from everyone's opinions.

I originally thought of just replying to a previous thread, but some of them were either very old (the last post over a year ago) or a bit away from my question at hand.

So here goes:

My main question, I read (in a huge mountain of threads) that lately spaces are filling up for pharmacy positions in the air force/army/navy. Is this true? Is it so competitive that it may not be worth it for me to pursue?

If I am proficient in a language and have professional translating experience will that help place me in certain bases? I speak Japanese and have been working as a part-time translator for over 4 years. Will it give me a better chance to get stationed in Japan if I wished?

I am currently single and only have a little doggie. I want to travel and work in many different places. I also think it is a wonderful idea to be able to directly affect the quality of healthcare of people who protect our country. Which area do you think will allow me to work at overseas bases the most? Which do you think will let me move often to different overseas bases? And also, which do you think is safest? (This my family worries about the most).

For the future, if I get married, pregnant, and have maternity leave, I can come right back and still continue my commitment right? Maternity leave is kind of like "vacation time" in that sense and doesn't get you kicked out or anything? Does it interrupt your time count?

Thanks ahead of time. Sorry if my questions were already asked...(but I did make an effort looking!)
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