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Sep 5, 2004
I have couple of questions regarding LORs:

1. I am currently RETAKING OChem at a different uni (got B- and C+ at previous univ). Can I ask for LOR from this ochem professor where I am retaking it? Should I tell him my previous OChem grades when asking for LORs? I mean would it look bad if he is all praise about Ochem (if I do well) and at same time adcoms see that previously I got B- and C+ in Ochem at a different univ.

2. Is it ok to get LOR from a professor who gave me a B. This was a physics class but one of the schools I am applying to requires an LOR from a physics prof. I am sure he can write me a decent LOR but is it ok to get LOR from him since I got a B in his class?

Thanks guys!


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Apr 14, 2007
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For number 1...I wouldnt tell him your past grades...and see if you cant get to know him well enough for him to talk about crap other than your grades in orgo.