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Feb 18, 2002
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:confused: Hey everyone!
I have a couple of questions about med school/ getting in, etc., and would appreciate any advice you all may have. First, a teeny bit about me: I am an alternative student with a grad degree in English from the U of Chicago, and am currently in a post-bac program at Northwestern and work as a research tech in an Immunology lab at Northwestern Med school. Anyway, I'm writing these few questions to you all because I feel that it is difficult to find a cohesive community in a post-bac program in which everyone has jobs/families/etc.
So, 1) I'm aware that most med schools like prospectives to take the mcat in April, but I just won't be able to swing it because I'll still be in my classes (orgo and bio), and will have to take a prep-course in the summer. Will taking the August mcat hurt my chances in getting in to schools?
2) Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can approach a physician in order to shadow him/her? Along the same general lines, do you guys think it's better to volunteer at a free clinic rather than in a big teaching hospital?
3) Does anyone have any stories/advice about the University of Vermont? (It's my first choice).

I apologize about the rambling. Your responses are appreciated.



1) if you must then its okay, just make sure to have everything else ready to go. you seem to have an interesting background which is a plus. it may hinder you in the slightest, but if everything else is going in your favor then i wouldn't worry too much (especially if there is nothign you can do about it). this is just my opinion htough, others have strong views about this.

2)doctors are really flattered and receptive if you call them up and just ask to work with them. like the pre-meds that preceeded their doctor selves, strokin their ego never hurts ;) . really, this is the best way to do it - forget programs etc... just call and ask. it may take a couple tries, but you'll get it for sure, it will be personal, and useful.

3) someone else can answer this. i guess the skiing there is better than at fsu. thats all i know.