Sooooo neuro is no longer SF-match

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Oct 17, 2003
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    oregon said:
    I am not agree because a lot of IMGs will apply for neurology just to get in residency.

    This would be an issue for a specialty that regularly had a lot of slots open after the match, but that isn't the case for neurology. It is not super competitive, but it is small enough that this just doesn't happen. I think that the primary care specialties (mainly because they have SO many slots to fill) will continue to be the route of choice for the IMG looking for any old specialty.


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    Mar 7, 2004
      Hey there!I am an IMG and having been there and done that,I dont see any reason why the competitiveness (or lack of it!)should change coz you apply through Eras.The number of applicants who wished to apply through the SF match site would now have to apply through eras(irrespective of the reasons for having applied).So i really dont see any reason why it should change due to a matching program.Unless,your suggesting that you have to register and PAY for only one process in which case...dunno :confused: If it does get competitive,that would have been the case even if we continued to go through the sf match.these are my two cents.i could be wrong! :cool:


        Hi, why do people think that the switch from SF match to ERAS will have ZERO effect on the competetiveness of Neurology? I hope that is the case, but I am a bit concerned that there maybe a significat rise in applications to Neurology. I went to an info session at my school about Neurology and it seemed as if there were a few people who were considering applying to Medicine and Neurology. I got the sense that these peoples' dual applications was facilitiated by the fact that Neuro now uses ERAS as well and, had Neuro still been SF Match, some of these people who only apply to Medicine, as opposed to Neuro and Medicine. Do most people see this as a valid point or maintain that the switch to ERAS will not increase the competetiveness of Neuro? Thanks!


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        Aug 16, 2005
          Well if i remember correctly...the rates were cheaper in Eras, that is when u apply to a lot of colleges. But i don't think the slightly higher rates at Sfmatch would have deterred any IMG from applying to many colleges. Only difference is i guess, since neuro is part of Eras, more people get to know abt all the programs and apply early enough.. (when i applied last year, i had no idea that neuro was an entirely different match .. i came to realise it in August end, when i was preparing to apply through ERAS. So i had to apply really late and ended up being on the waiting list for interviews at many univ. :D )

          Nonetheless the competition among IMGs for all specialities have been increasing every year. Especially now that UK seems closed to IMGs. Most of the docs who were planning to study in UK (& those that were kicked out of UK ,after the new law was passed) will jump right for the US.


            i think the shift to ERAS will not have a very significant impact on the competetiveness of neuro as far as the IMG factor is concerned.most of the IMGs apply in primary care specialities as they keep in mind that supposing they have to go back to their home countries after residency would they be able to do well in the same speciality back home,financially?
            talking about my own country,i would say that none of the people i know,except 2 plan to apply in neurology just because the prospects of private pracitce and jobs after coming back are very poor...while if they have to come back after specializing in IM or surgery or most other fields..they could make loads of much as they would by staying in then usa... a neurologist suppsedl doesnt attract that much patient load..most of the neurology cases will e dealt by IM specialists and will not be refered to neurologists here...
            so as far as IMgs r concerened most of them will apply in IM,those with lower scores will apply in family medicine or peds...some with higher scores may go for surgery...but neuro...i dnt think so..


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            Oct 27, 2003
              I wonder how is it going to affect programs that don't offer preliminary year?
              Say one would like to stay in the same area for all 4years. He/she applies to x number of neuro residencies but in different cities. How do you apply for match then for prelim year? :confused:


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              Mar 10, 2006
                The match takes that into account. There are a bunch of specialties that do not include the internship year, so the match lets you rank prelim years to supplement your main ROL.
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