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Jun 20, 2001
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i'm in the process of filling out the primary right now. I'm very nervous. I've mentioned this before but I have a 3.6, 22 academic avg. and an 18 on the PAT. This question is about letters of reccomendations. some schools say they require 3 (Kentucky) 2 froma faculty member and one from a dentist. I do not know any dentist well enough to have them write me a letter of recommendation. I'm very worried about this situation. Should I just go ahead and try to ask the dentist i barely know whom I shawdowed for a letter of recommendation?


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Oct 7, 2001
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You should correct the situation by getting to know a dentist and putting in some quality time in his/her office. You mentioned that you have shadowed a bit but don't know the dentist very well -- keep shadowing and ask them for a letter in 2-3 weeks. Put in as much *quality* time as you can (ask questions and try to participate while observing).

Also, can you get a committee letter? Kentucky accepts a committee letter in lieu of the 3 letters, and that would solve your problem right away.


As an interesting sidenote, some schools take the LOR thing very seriously. I have a good friend who received several acceptances last Dec. He chose one of the schools and has since paid his deposits, made plans to rent a condo, etc. etc. Just last week this school, which I won't name, sent him a letter saying they needed another LOR from a science professor. Their requirements call for 2 letters from a science professor, and my friend only submitted one letter from a science professor. They are actually willing to drop him from the incoming class if he doesn't get them another letter, and this is nearly 8 months after they accepted him, and 1 month before school starts!! You would think they would understand he is a qualified candidate (since they DID accept him!). Go figure.


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Apr 8, 2002
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Some schools have a type of committee that a student can meet with and then get a general committee letter of rec. In your case, don't worry about it because UNC doesn't have such a thing. I replied to one of your others posts, I'm not sure if you remember me. If you have questions about this sort of thing, feel free to private message me or give me your personal email. Only because UNC, in typical UNC fashion, does things it's own way. You'll find that the interview process is unlike any other (or most other) schools. This also applies to the acceptance process and many other things. So if you need, I can specically answer questions about my experience w/ UNC since I've gone through it and am attending here next year.

As far as a letter of rec from a dentist, you have plenty of time to "get to know one" better. You will definitely IMO get an interview, and if you are selected for the 1st interview day it's in the neighborhood of Oct 22. As long as you get your letter there by then you are ok. If need be, you can bypass AADSAS and bring it to them directly to be in your file by the interview day. So that gives you roughly 3 months to get to know some dentist in this area. So don't sweat it, you are way ahead of where I was last year. Again, if you have any more questions about UNC you can email me at "[email protected]"

Hope this helps some
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