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Oct 7, 2004
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I have better things to do and I probably shouldn't bother responding to this but I feell constrained to reply, like a benevolent father smilling and patting the head of little HITBOY after he throws a temper tantrum.

You are a fool if you do not understand why people from other countries want to live here. You obviously have never been to India, Iran, or any developing nation. Do not comment on matters which you fail to comprehend.

I understand why many people want to come here, and I have no problem with it. Maybe I wasn’t being very clear; those that I refer to were actually foreign trained dentists and said that they did very well as dentists in their own country. I guess I didn’t think that it needed to be explained since the information was inferred from the fact that the thread was about perio and I had quoted something about so many perio residents not speaking English. Capisce?
Even more evidence of your ignorance regarding the quality of life in foreign countries. After the Indian doctor said that "the lifestyle and money here is the best" and that many come here to make "lots of money", you failed to ask him what constitutes a "lot of money". To you, obviously, it's enough money to drive a benz, live in a million dollar home, put your kids through college without acquiring significant debt, dine out whenever and wherever you feel like, etc. But in a poor country like India, where 700 hundred million people out of 1.1 billion lack access to adequate sanitaton facilities (http://www.csmonitor.com/2007/0215/p04s01-wosc.html), where the per capita income is $3,320 (rank:122 out of 181, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...)_per_capita) a "lot of money" means something different entirely. It means you have food on your plate, clothes on your back, a roof over your head, access to running water and sanitation facilities, and electricity. Things most of us living in this country take for granted. In regards to lifestyle, it means living in a country with a lack of significant corruption and enjoying the freedoms that go hand in hand with living in this country. It means you won't be picked up off the street in Iran and taken to jail for a flogging because you decided to wear denim jeans today, and denim jeans are a sign that you have been influenced by western culture. It means you'll never have to worry about significant political or police corruption. You'll never experience corruption so bad that it'd make the New Orleans Police Department look like the NYPD, or leaders like Dick Cheney/Rep. William Jefferson (D) look like Gandhi. It means you'll never be imprisoned for criticizing Ahmadinejad in Iran or Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.
Actually since he told me that they do very well as doctors in their own country I thought that it might be a little redundant to ask him what constitutes a lot of money. They actually said that they had a nice standard of living but that you couldn’t upgrade the whole country. Which means that they got sick of the dirt roads and broken down cars and the fact that the cities aren’t as nice as they are here. These were their words not mine. Regarding corruption, it is usually the rich that benefit from it and most of these people did very well in their own countries. As far as freedom and corruption in Iran, after overhearing several Iranian students talking about all of the fun that they had on their last visit to Iran, and the parties and clubs they went to I was a little surprised. I asked them something about being worried about getting in trouble or risking your life over there and they started to laugh. They said that the way Iran was portrayed over here was nothing like the way that it really is over there and that most of the problems and the hard line Moslem stuff didn’t effect the run of the mill person on the street and that people lived their lives pretty much like they do here. Yes, there are some problems but you just have to be smart about it, just like you do here. Once again, their words, not mine. I can’t comment on Egypt as there were no Egyptians present.
You are a racist and a xenophobe. The second you saw that you would be treated by an Indian doctor, you assumed his purpose for being in this country was inspired by greed and a desire to exploit the American patient population. Without cause, you interrogated your doctor on his motives and assumed that he was here "just to make money". You then had the gall to lecture him on honor, integrity, and honesty.

In your stupidity you are actually getting a little mixed up. Actually it was the $500 per quad for “deep Sc/RP” that kind of tipped me off to his zeal for money and lack of ethics and he was Asian and not Indian. The guy who told me that I need a crown for a crack in my tooth was Indian. Despite the fact that their was no pathology, no signs or symptoms. I had it checked out later and their was nothing clinically visible.
I have not interrogated anyone. I am at a school where about 80% of the students are of the non-caucasian persuasion. In one of our group sessions, their were 3 people from Iran, 2 Asians, and an Indian. Before faculty showed up, we were having a discussion that was basically about what was important in life (one of the other students had just gotten married). We’re all friends and it was a friendly conversation in which I mostly listened. Some of the other things that I said were based on conversations that I had with some international students later that same day while we were working together in clinic. Yes, I did tell him that we want people to come here who have integrity and will work hard and not just for money. What’s wrong with that? I want a better world to raise my kids in, not a more materialistic, greedy, and selfish world. This is my country and I think that we should have a say in who comes here. I have no problem with people coming here regardless of their country of origin, if they’re good people. I just want to keep the ones out who think that this country is a personal piggy bank or that want to do bad things here. I did not lecture anyone in any sense of the word, and by the way they all agreed with me and then actually told several stories of people that they know who just want to come here and make lots of money.
I find it interesting that so many evil foreigners just walk right up to you and tell you what horrible people they are. It would be interesting if you, too, confessed your true malignant nature, but that would require honor, integrity, and honesty, now wouldn't it?

Wow…. Malignant nature? My wife thought that was pretty funny. Why do you take these things so hard HITBOY? Are you a foreign trained dentist from a well to do family who just came here to get his? Everything that I talked about came from Foreign trained dentists in the International program, so don’t get your knickers in a bind and start shooting the messenger. No, I’m not very PC, I almost care about hurting your feelings, but I’m more about saying things as they really are regardless.
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SDN is misleading.

I thought the Perio topic was interesting until a couple of people had to ruin it with their silly blanket statements about immigration from India. Who cares?

There are poor and rich from all over the world who have done good things. Leave it at that babies.


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The previous thread was closed because it was getting off topic and playground hijinxs were ensuing. Calling other guests out and dragging an argument from one closed thread into a new one are violations of the TOS. I'm closing this thread for obvious reasons.
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