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    My name is Cassidy and I'm a high school senior from Mississippi. I REALLY want to be a trauma doctor. My mother is kind of skeptical about the whole deal because I'm not really good in Chemistry. Don't get me wrong, I got out of there with a B- but I found the class really difficult. Should I let my hate of Chemistry get in the way of my dream? I have recently settled on becoming a doctor, so I never too Anatomy in high school. Is this a problem too? Please help because I only have one more semester to decide if I really can do this, or if I'm not going to be able to. Thanks a bunch!!
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    Let's start with your final comments and work backwards. Why do you only have "one more semester" to decide? I understand that you are a senior in high school and perhaps feel pressured to choose a major and a profession right away but believe me, it is WAY too early to be concerned about whether you have what it takes to be a trauma physician. Medical schools do not care what you major in during college as long as you complete the core pre-requisites; you can do this as a Bio major (generally the most popular), Literature, Psychology, etc. Study whatever you fancy. You DO NOT need to decide on your major right away, most schools will allow you to start taking general education courses as an Undesignated major, or will allow you to change along the way if you find something else more to your liking. I think I changed majors 3 times.

    Secondly, becoming a trauma physician is a long way away and you may find many, many other things in medical school which you enjoy - perhaps even some more so than trauma. I certainly did and several of my classmates are also doing something different than they first envisioned. So keep an open mind.

    Third, anatomy is not a required course for medical school admission. Many, any students do not take in in HS or even college and do fine in medical school taking it the first time. Therefore, do NOT worry that you haven't taken anatomy yet - and don't force yourself to take it in college either. It will help you in medical school but it is not required.

    Finally, all medical schools require a core background in Chemistry - this includes 1 year of General Chemistry and 1 year of Organiz Chemistry at the college level, preferably at a 4 year university. Some schools also require Biochemistry. While a single poor grade won't necessarily keep you out of medical school and your professional dreams, a pattern of them will. I suggest you try and analyze why Chemistry is so difficult for you. Perhaps speaking with your instructor will help - he or she may have some ideas or advice on how you can better grapple with the subject. Believe me, lots of students have difficulty with Chemistry. What will make the difference is how much work you put into the topic during college; getting a tutor, doing lots of problems, etc. may help. Get help BEFORE you start doing poorly - although a B- is hardly considered a poor grade!

    Finally, detailed knowledge of chemistry is not useful in everday practice as a physician - trauma or not. It is necessary to understand Biochemistry, particularly when reading lab reports, but you do not need to fear that you will be dealing with detailed reactions or mechanisms in Chemistry everyday.

    My final words to you will probably fall on deaf ears but they are to relax a little. You DO NOT have to decide your future right now, or this semester; there are plenty of people who didn't decide to pursue a medical career until later in life. You can start college, major in anything you want, and explore all your professional options. It is wise to have a back-up plan in the event that you don't get into medical school, but to worry that you won't get in because of your HS Chem grade seems a bit premature to me. Give it a try in college and see how you go before worrying too much.

    Hope this helps.

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