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Dec 4, 2008
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I am in my last year in an English high school in South Africa. Before that I lived for 10 years in Denmark were I went to a normal Danish high school accept of the last year. The last year I went to an IB school. I am a German citizens and I speak German fluently. I would like to study medicine in Germany and I would really like to know, if a South African education is accepted in Germany? And if there is anybody else who comes from South Africa, maybe they can tell me about what they experienced when they tried to get into the German universities.


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Nov 17, 2008
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hey man,
maybe i can help you with my little information.

First you need to check out if your matriculation ( graduation certificate from high school) is equivalent to the german ones which called abitur . If so you dont need to take a prepration year in basic subjects such as biology , physics , chemistry , math,... etc
If it is not equivalent you must take this prepration year which called studienkolleg and then take a test called Feststellungsprüfung .

second , as for language if you think your german is sufficient enough then youn dont have to take german courses but you must prove that by passing Testdaf ( 4*4)
or DSH 2 ( espically for medicine more advanced ) or DSH 3.
if you pass it by over 68% you can take the result directly and apply for university you wish . If not you need to take intensive course which can be done at any sprachschule ( school of language ) which germany are full of it . then they can put you in the right courses . I higly recommanded before you done this exam to take a course of prepartion which take generally about 8 weeks or less .

You have german citizenship, then u dont have to suffer for getting a residence.

As for medicine offcourse as any respect country needs high grade in your matriculation such as abitur 1,0 - 1,5 or 90-100 / 100 or a- a+ or any equivalent , ok you need to compete as for foreigners the places is restricted but dont worry i think there are more than 25 university of medicine faculties .

If you want to apply as a german you need to go to ZVS its for germans and other eu citizens if you want to apply as south aferican i think you should check out uni assest .de which you can apply to more than university and its cheaper .

at end .. good luck :thumbup:

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