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  1. hey what do general radiologists do?? i heard they look at xray images, could you elaborate?
    why/what kind of physics is required for radiology?

    what cosmetic procedures can dermatologists do except for laser resurfacing and botox injections? can they do nose jobs?

    which dermatology programs provide best training in cosmetic dermatology?? particular ucla, u miami, u iowa?? which cities are best financially for cosmetic surgeons-LA, miami, how about san diego and santa barbara?

    does it help to major in physics undergrad if you have interest in laser surgery (cosmetic)?

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    A licensed physician can legally do any procedure. However, you will get more patients and insurance companies/Medicare will more likely pay if you are residency trained and BC in a certain field. Therefore, while a Dermatologist CAN do liposuction or a nose job (although I doubt few would attempt the latter, the former is known to be done), most don't and most patients would prefer a Plastic Surgeon.

    I would imagine any city with a large affluent population and plenty of sun would yield more cases than a working class area.

    Your undergraduate major plays NO part in obtaining a residency position. You may score better on the MCAT, or the few USMLE questions dealing with radiation physics (and I mean FEW) and may have something to talk about during the interview, but since most residency programs do not ask for undergrad transcripts, it is unlikely that they will even know or care about your major.

    I'll move this to Rotations and Residencies Forum where it might receive more attention.

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