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Feb 13, 2005
I am currently a Biology major at West Virginia University. I was an engineering major for the first 2 years at my university. I have always been interested in engineering principle and practices, but have decided that the actual career was not for me. I am wondering what specialty would allow me to incorporate my passion for engineering in my medical degree. I would love to be some type of invasive surgeon, but am not sure which. I love using tools and have superb dexterity. I also would love a medical career that involves using innovative tools. I am applying to medical school next semester, and am starting to ponder my future career goals. Any advice would help. Thanks!


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Feb 12, 2004
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hey dude, I'm a BME major graduate and I think I could get into minimally invasive surgery to apply some of the stuff I learned. but either way, even a history major could to that. so the undergrad major I don't think will help you in the application of the medicine u learn but rather it will help u learn medicine.. if that makes any sense.