Spending half my life reading

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Mar 12, 2009
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Why do professors give such ridiculous amounts of reading? I feel like I can't adequately read everything, and thus I am just getting the jist of every article or chapter. Although I have been told this is how I have to do it, what is the point? Why not just give me 60 pages of something REALLY worthwhile that is full of useful info rather than 600 pages of wordiness (x 3 classes)? I just feel like I'm getting shortchanged because I can't possibly read all they want me to while doing research, TAing, and working on papers and presentations for class. Does anyone else feel like they come away from reading for class without really knowing anything? :(:(

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Apr 6, 2007
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Yes, had all the same thoughts before.

Would be so much better if profesors would pick one or 2 articles per week. Perhaps one overview and one indepth analysis or study of the topic at hand. Then....actually discuss them in class! This would encourage people to actually do the reading and spend sometime reflecting and mulling them over, rather than skimming 10 articles per week and talking nothing more than a cursory gist of each one.